Young Adults

College & Career Ministry
College & Career Ministry
This is a class specifically for young adults, typically those who fall in the age and stage of single, and are roughly 18-29 years old.
We hope you will build many meaningful relationships with your peers and leaders. We believe this class will also help you navigate the trials of life, offer good Biblical guidance, and help you grow spiritually. In fact, we like to think of this less as a class and more as a family. We also have free donuts and coffee every Sunday at FBC.
First and foremost trust me when I say, “We are not your typical First Baptist Church”. Yes, at first glance the building from the outside looks very traditional and older, but remember it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  At FBC, you will find a place full of love and lively, modern worship. You will find some folks who may just want to adopt you while you're away from home.  FREE FOOD AND A SECOND FAMILY, you can’t beat that.  Also, we are a “come as you are” church, that means dress in what you're comfortable in to worship with us. Some folks wear suits and dresses, and some folks wear shorts and t-shirts. Seriously, our only dress code is wear something, and if you have nothing, we will get you something. Sunday worship starts at 10:15AM.

Week Meetups

Tuesday 5:30p-8p | Lewis home

During the fall and spring semesters we meet for food, fellowship & biblical life teaching. 

Sunday 9a

Join us for biblical teaching and fellowship.
We meet every week in the FLC foyer classroom. 

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